The Binding Word

As a Rhyjainthi, Dhel enjoys riding free on the open plain. But when a rogue Cyadath threatens his tribe, he must leave everything he knows to seek help from the prosperous kingdom of Whitecrest. The young princess, Kaythe Rycha is resigned stifle behind priestess veils, until a backdoor deal bargains her off to fulfill an ancient wager between rival gods. As the city dissolves into civil strife born from vengeful politics, Dhel and Kaythe must find a way to control their destinies before they become sacrifices in a power play that could reorder the sky.

The Binding Word (former working title The Keeper’s Promise) is an epic fantasy series set on the gods’ world Lyrre after it has been colonized by mortals. In Hexacosm chronology, it occurs after APOTHEOSIS and JUATHUUR, but the connection is only in deep backstory, so no knowledge of other series is required.

Sample Chapters

Chapter 1: Strange Visitors